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[X] you cry often

[X] you have cut yourself

[] you have taken a liking to the color black

[?] you think things you think nobody else would ever think (maybe...?)

[X] you have thought about killing yourself 

[X] you punch, scratch yourself 

[X] you're poor 

[] you hide your face with your hair

[1/2] you think nobody understands you (half and half)

[X] you feel alone

TOTAL:  8 1/2

[] taken a liking to other peoples pain (wtheck...)

[] you enjoy pain (WRONG!)

[X] you have thought about cutting yourself

[X] you want someone to die a lot 

[X] you have thought that you were bipolar

[1/2] you have no friends  edit: Took that part off. I meant "no friends" in my daily and offline life other then a small amount of family. I DID NOT mean on here, fb, or any other sort of communication online.

[] people have labeled you 'emo' (no..)

[?] everybody hates you (Actually i don't understand what this is asking.)

[X] you go to therapy

[1/2] you're quiet (depends i guess..)


[X] think nobody cares about you (daily life and minus family)

[X] you have been told "there's people that have it worse then you" (yea it's starting to urm.. tick me off..)

[x] you don't leave the house (unless with someone i trust or work)

[] you stopped eating for at least 2 days (lmao...)

[X] you're worried about your future (yeeeeeeppppp.....)

[1/2] your parents don't care (um... i guess)

[X] you don't like being around people (paranoia big crowds and because i make an.. butt of my self)

[?] your friends left you because your depression (Honestly not sure)

[1/2] you're lonely (sortof and sortoff not)

[X] you spend a lot of your time on the computer (looks at computer then laughs)


[X] you feel like there is nothing good in life

[] you're an atheist 

[X] you only believe there is only bad in the world (pretty much..)

[?] you feel more comfortable in black clothing

[X] you don't know what to do anymore (.......)

[X] you have wanted to die for a stupid reason (.......)

[X] you have overreacted to something stupid

[] you could care less about school (graduated...)

[1/2] the people/A person that live/lives with you make you feel worse (sortoff)

[X] you've hated your life at least at one point

TOTAL: 6 1/2


if you got 4 or under - you're fine.

if you got 8-13 - you could be better.

if you got 14-17 - see a doctor.
If you got 18-22 are you depressed/suicidal

if you got 23-26 - you are very depressed and you had to have at least cut yourself once. ;~;

~if you got 27-40 - you are one messed up person. (does a bow)

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