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Name: Leonardo Kingston (prefers to be called Leon)
Nick Name: Cupid
Species: Half fox and half Lemur
Age: 19
Location: Orlando, FL
Personality: Cupid may seem like the typical playboy always being a pervert and flirting with numerous amounts of girls when he's actually fairly respectful to women. He is the most outgoing and seeminly confident of the three as well as being cocky. He always SEEMS the least serious about his career. He never pushes women to far and surprisingly if he has a girl friend he stays true to her. Sadly he can fall for girls easily making him open to manipluation. He prides himself in being a true gentleman and romancer. He likes to pretend he's confident when in truth he is unsure of why he's even here. Cupid is dead set against domestic violence and will beat the living shit out of someone if he's sees someone hurting a woman outside of wrestling. He also is good with kids unlike the other two often taking the time to clean up his act and sign autograph for children. Unlike the Wicked and Star he also likes to go to raves and have a good time. He can be extremely sweet and playfull althrough he can be vain about his looks at times. He secretly worries himself to death about Star and Wicked. In the ring he usally just concentrates on bring on as much pain as possible while showing the audience a good show to. He is has a crush on Jazzmond and Joy. (XD)
Fighting Style: Powerhouse
Secondary Style: Showman
Height: 6"5
Weight: 230 LBS.
Face or Heel: Face
Company: Mobian World Wrestling
Match Speciality: Street fight
Stable: Choas seekers and unofficialy in Y2J with Jazzmond and Joy (Rave-wire)
Trainer: None
Manager: Star
Theme Music: Don't Trust Me by 3OH3!
Entry Discription: When the lyrics black dress and tights underneath hits flames shoots from both sides of the arena entrance and Cupid structs from back stage. He walks out with a smile and doing the slow motion of opening his jacket and showing off as a tribute from Jim Morrieson's entrance and start licks his lips in a sexual manner and starts swinging his hips. When the part of the song begins "T-Tell your boyfriend" hits he shrugs then starts strutting down the ring letting the girls touch him all over with a bigger grin on his face. Then he gives the closest girl to the ring a kiss on the cheek with a wink then jumps on the stage edge looking around before slowly sliding into the ring. He gets to the middle of the ring swaying his hips and slowly taking off his jacket. He looks all around the audience and throws his jacket into the crowd letting anyone catch it. He goes to each ring post and puts his hand down his just then at the end of the song he suddenly becomes more serious and starts  warming up waiting for his opponent.
What he does if he wins: He loves to due perverted stuff mostly. Epeceally to demasculate a guy he hates. He usually sticks to swaying his hips some with a grin and slowly move his hand down his chest then put his finger to his butt making a sizzling noise. If he's in a tag team match with a girl and wins he loves to grab them and dip them and pretending to kiss them or grab thier arm and gently pull them close to him.
Accomplishments: Nominated in the tag team of year and sexiest male of the year
Woopsy daisy: Basically he grab someone by the neck and acts like he's gonna do Undertakers pile driver but instead holds them up by thier neck and slams them into the ground.
Fatality: He knees them in the gut and lifts them into the air and performs a back cracker. Then he locks his legs around thier neck hooking his arms around thier arms hoists them up then slams their back into the floor.
Signature moves:
Fuko: uses a combo of the sweet chin music and the RKO.
Well... Here is Cupid's bio finally.. As explained in Star's bio that i've either been busy or tired.. Anyways this one was ok I guess. Belongs to a group called World Mobian Wrestling. Yes I know it isn't very long but it's here, OK?!
Jazzmond and Joy as well as the group belongs to ~Rave-Wire
Cupid: Me...
Let me know if there are any large grammer mistakes, Mmkay? Bye and Enjoy!!!
Star's pic: [link]
Wicked and Cupid:[link]
Wicked's bio: [link]
Star's Bio: [link]
Rumor's bio: [link]
Rumor pic:soon...
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