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Name: Holly Brisco
Nick Name: Liberty
Species: Black Panther
Age: 21
Location: Indianapolis, IND
Personality: Star is overall a decent person with some quirks. Probably the calmest and more friendly of the three wrestlers. She's the kind of person that's more than willing to stop what she's doing and lend a hand to the best of her ability. If she see's you upset she's most likely to give you a hug wether you like it or not. She may put up with alot even just staring boredly at a person that tries to provoke a fight with her but when you start talking poorly of her close friends and family or harm them physically she will most likely to lose it. If you want her opinon or advice on something Star won't hesistate to tell you bluntly causing her to get into trouble at times. The reason Star is a tweener is that while she's more than willing to have your back even risking her body to protect you if she's manging you or your partner in tag team matches if it means getting a shot at a number one contenders match for championship she won't hesistate to use mnd games or use underhanded tactics to get what she wants. She purposely acts strange in the ring to throw even the more seasoned wrestler of his/her game.
Fighting Style: Highflyer
Secondary Style: Submission
Height: 5"7
Weight: 140 lbs.
Face or Heel: Tweener
Company: Mobian World Wrestling
Match Speciality: TLC
Trainer: Knuckles
Theme Music: Bring Me Back to Life by Evanscene
Entry Discription: The arena lights suddenly dims while a haunting melody starts creeping into the Mobian fans ears everywhere. Green, red, and purple neon strobe lights start flashing at the arena matching to the beat of the music. Then when you think it can't anymore exciting a bolt of lightening hits the ground revealing a female Mobian cougar appears kneeling with one leg on the ground and her arms raised to the heavans. She slowly raises her head looking around the light making her seem like there glowing.  She slowly gets up performing a ballerina moves before finally running full blast to the ring. Somehow she manages to jump at the last moment and grab the top rope performing a flip into the ring.  She turns to her opponent in the eyes while circling around him/her. She unexpectedly grabs her opponent and twirls him/her around then pulls him/her close to her then pushes them away. She grabs a microphone and sings "Bring me to life!" then throws it into the air. Another electric bolt hits it and a raven flies away while she kneels to the same position she was in when she first appeared.
What she does if she wins:
Star likes to use several types of stunts but her favorite is when "Another One Bites the Dust", starts playing and starts shaking her hip to one side while taping her foot. The she starts dancing to the beat of the song and ends with doing with a backflip. If she wins a title she usually sticks to her entrance song by placing it on the floor and starts doing a hispanic dance around it then smugly straps it over her chest prouldly. In her bad moods she can almost be as bad as Wicked and starts beating on her opponent. If she has the title she even starts wacking her opponents on the back like a wip and head until someone grabs her.
Accomplishments: Presented the Most promising star award and nominated for sexiest diva of the year.
Eye of zyn: Corner an opponnent against a corner and lift them on the top ring in a sitting position. Kick them in the stomach then upwards at the chin. When your opponent starts standing up flip while aiming a few kicks to the stomach and grab thier head and pull them off while slamming them into the ground.
Hanging spider (submission) : Pull your opponent towards the rop and set yourself on the top rope. Wrap your legs around thier neck then bend back letting yourself hang while using your arms to wrap around their legs and start using your legs and arms to start using the ropes to bend thier spine.
Signature moves:
Last stand (Can be used as a submission): Depends on the beginning but usually starts with your opponent throwing you into the ropes forcing you to come towards them but just before they hit you leap over them and push against the ropes dodging another possible hit. Jump over the rope standing on the edge of the stage and taunt your opponent to come towards you. If correctly timed use your upper arm strength and kick your opponent anywhere you can between the first and second rope. Almost like you would perform the 619 jump off the rope while your opponent is dazzed and slam thier head against their back. If you want make the opponent submit roll them on their stomach, sit on the middle of thier back then grab thier legs and pull.
Ok.. Sorry for taking so long.. I've either been to tired or busy to make this. When I did through I kept deleting and changing several things.. I'm not as satisfied that I was with Wicked but it will do.. Not as discriptive as I like either but it needed to be done.. Originally Star didn't even have a real name so I just made one. Anyways this goes to the World Mobian Wrestling group. Next is Cupid's and Rumor's bio then how they first began. Let me know of any major grammer error, Mmkay? Enjoy and bye..

World Mobian Wrestling ~djcat
Liberty: me

Major update: Star's nickname has been changed to Liberty due to there being another Star in the group and it being to common,

Liberty's pic:
Wicked and
Wicked's bio:
Cupid's bio: shadowwarriorecho.deviantart.c…
Rumor's bio: shadowwarriorecho.deviantart.c…
Rumor pic:soon...
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