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Name: Erica Brooks
Nick Name: Rumor
Species: Artic Rabbit
Age: 20
Location: New York City, NY
Occupation: Reporter, Does some Announcing, and loves to be in charge of contests (Is not a wrestler or has any expierence in wrestling but has a theme song..)
Face or Heel: Extreme Heel
Personality:  Obnoxious is one way to discribe this strange girl. An over enthusiastic and extremely excitable budding reporter and self proclaimed "eyes and ears of this company" that will do anything to get a good scoop before anyone else can and anyway she can. She doesn't hesistate in asking tough questions that no one else dares to ask. She is quite a spitfire with a mouth to match. Unlike Star she won't hold anything back when it comes to saying anything she wants and has no holds bar lanuage. She has a get in your face attitude and perfected the art of involving herself in things she doesn't belong. She also hosts her own live show called Fandomonia Meadly every friday around 8-10 pm where she answers any questions from mobian fans about any information about the superstars and diva's of this company. She'll even answer questions about herself. She does however stop to a point if she's close to breaking the law but that doesn't stop her from finding loop holes or bending them. She also loves to have people hear her talk and loves to hear herself talk by doing any job she can get away with if it involves talking like hosting different types of contests or fill in for commentators. She has a strange thing for heel superstar's admiring thier no care attitude. She has a strange tendacy to think loudly to herself even during interviews and if the person is not very important to her at the moment she tends to forget what she was talking to them about. She's not completely bad when it comes to dating not extremely pickly with moderate standerds.
Height: 4"9
Weight: 120 LBS.
Company: Mobian World Wrestling
Theme Music: Low by Flo Rida
Entry Discription:
It really begins with just the instrustmental part then she does a backwards summer sault into the arena entrance. She start breakdancing at one point even doing splits before jumping to her feet. She starts walking in a cocky manner down to the ring with each step she takes the lights on the floor turns neon and bottle rockets shoots as she passes by them. When the lyrics "She turned around and gave that big booty a smack" Rumor actually smacks her butt an does a quick booty dance before going to the ring. She snakes her way under the bottom rope and quickly gets to her feet. She even uses her hands and uses her knees to mimic the "low, low, low" part. She once again breakdances some before taking out her microphone from her pocket and announces herself as the music volume dims.
Accomplishments: Owns her own "webshow"
Fun Facts: Carries a portable cordless microphone in her pocket and a digital camera in case so when she spots something she thinks is news worthy she can just have someone quickly turn it on and starts reporting. She also has invinate sized pockets where she keeps limitless supplies of microphones in them should she loose, brake, ETC them. She has a huge crush on a fable 2,3 character called Reaver and idolizes John Laurenities.
Sigh finally got this bio thing out of the way. Yea I know it's written a bit odd but this is an odd character so.. I dunno. Moving on, I got rid of some things and added a couple of things since this wasn't a wrestler. I was orginaly gonna use the character I made in honor of my little sister from a doll maker but since that idea is overused and alot of people hate that I got to create a dam character from scratch. That's why her appearance is unknown! Anyways next is the present that i've been trying to make Rave-wire and make her so yea... Wonder if this will put her in the most obnoxious character catagory if there is a 2011 mobian awards ceremony. XD Let me know if there are any major grammer mistakes, MMkay? Bye and Enjoy!!!
World Mobian Wrestling: ~Rave-Wire
Rumor: Me duh!

Star's pic: [link]
Wicked and Cupid:[link]
Wicked's bio: [link]
Star's bio: [link]
Cupid's bio: [link]
Rumor pic: soon...

Update: I fixed some grammer issues I saw and added a little more things if anyone cares to reread...
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